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Color Swatches How to Choose a paint color.

At Moore's Painting, we know choosing the right color from names like Sunset Yellow, and Seafoam Green, is enough to make you see stars.

The choice isn't limited to one color. You also need to pick the color of siding, trim, moulding, doors, railing, window sills, and more.

The professionals at Moore's Painting can assist you in finding that perfect combination to create the right contrast between trim, accents, and more, to enhance the fundemental architecture of your home.

Some neighborhoods and associations have specific rules as to the nature of the color of the homes residing within them. In addition, some home are required to maintian their historic context and heritage.

Moore's Painting works with you the client to keep all the aspects of your requirement in check. Being familiar with the Boise, Idaho area, we are already familiar with many areas and can offer a unique insight into your specific needs.

We take the guesswork out of needing to understand harmony and contrast, balance, sheen, durability, accents, and other unforeseen aspects of painting a property.

So when your ready to paint your house, fence, deck or more, call Moore's Painting at (208) 562-1525.
All our work comes with a warranty, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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